The Trouble Spot Nutrition
The Trouble Spot Nutrition
  • Top 3 Things To Know About Lazar Angelov Nutrition Plan.

There are more than enough bodybuilding routines available for men who wish to tone up their muscles. These programs are offered not just on the internet, but also in books and magazines sold in brick and mortar stores. However, the truth is that none of them can work if no proper diet is incorporated --good nutrition plan serves to complement the training efforts. Bearing this in mind, here are the key things you need to take note of about the Lazar Angelov nutrition plan before you begin to use it.

1. Eating frequent meals (every two to three hours) is important

Reliable bodybuilding programs recommend consumption of at least six meals in a day and in line with this, Angelov advises bodybuilders to have six or seven meals throughout the day. This helps limit cravings for unhealthy foods and ensures that blood sugar is maintained at a stable level.

On a regular day, Angelov's diet consists of:

• Oatmeal, eggs, grapefruit and peanut butter as the first meal 

• Broccoli with rice and chicken for the second meal 

• Pasta with tuna fish and avocado in meal three

• Rice and chicken for meal four

• Salmon and green salad, and cheese and broccoli for meal 5 and 6 respectively

2. The Right Protein Amounts Should Be Consumed On Daily Basis

To help build muscles, Lazar Angelov eats foods that contain high quantities of protein with each meal consisting of about 35 grams protein. However, as you observe this rule, it is important that you stick to lean meats such as turkey, fish, and chicken. These will fill up your stomach and provide your body with the needed nutrients without creating unwanted complications.

3. Consistency in the bodybuilding diet has to be maintained

To be able to achieve the desired physique and fitness levels, you have to be consistent not just in your exercise, but in your diet as well. This means you also have to keep yourself motivated so you are not tempted to back out. According to Angelov, it is only when you have something to inspire you that you can forge ahead. While at it, you should disregard disapprovals and negative comments from people who don't know what you aim to achieve or what your fitness routine is about. 


Lazar Angelov's meal plan is one of the most versatile meal plans on the nutrition market and uses a personalized system that offers high-resolution targeted advice for every fitness enthusiast out there. The above highlighted are the top three takeaways from the plan.